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Physical Therapy Closter

Improve Strength

Physical therapy can help to alleviate pain by improving your muscle strength and flexibility.  Weak muscles can often lead to a misshapen skeletal structure and dramatically increase the risk of injury or the worsening your condition.

Physical therapists will work to examine, evaluate, diagnose and treat the impairment of the patient.  Treatment consists of light cardio activity and specialized stretching to improve both strength and flexibility.

Physical Therapy Treatments

Some of the more common conditions that physical therapy can improve:

  • neck or low back pain
  • accident injuries
  • arthritis
  • chronic fatigue
  • cancer recovery
  • pre and post-surgical conditioning and strengthen
  • knee ankle and foot problems
  • sports injuries
  • work related injuries
  • and more

Benefits of Physical Therapy at The Non-Surgical Disc Treatment Center in Closter NJ

  • Muscle strength
  • Corrected posture
  • Increased joint motion
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved coordination
  • Less joint inflammation
  • Increased participation in daily activities
  • Reduced stress

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