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Edward H Cohen Testimonials

Digestive Problems

I am a 23 year old female who has been suffering from stomach problems for about 3 years now. I suffered from severe gas problems, which would start after lunch and go in through the evening, day after day. This would effect my mood throughout the day with work and with my boyfriend. It affected my eating habits to the point I wouldn’t even eat so I wouldn’t feel pain. My friends would invite me out for a drink, and I wouldn’t go because I know that the pain would be twice as bad the next day. I’ve been to two hospitals, three doctors (including a gastroenterologist). I’ve had x-rays, and upper GI series, and a scoping. I was told that what I had was bacterial, and I was placed on antibiotics. They helped “for the first week only”. So, here I was, 23 and hooked on Tagamet, zantac, and Pepcid AC. Finally, I said “I can’t live like this anymore”. Than, I decided to go to Dr. DiPasquale, I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, nor did I think they worked with stomach problems. I thought they just worked with people with chronic back problems. Since I’ve been to Dr. DiPasquale, I haven’t had one stomach problem. I can eat what I want, go out for a drink if I want. I’ve never felt better. The message I want to send out is that Chiropractors don’t just work with neck and back problems. I’m living proof that it can help for stomach problems as well.

DRX9000 is the Way to Go!

I was the 2002 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 8-time Pro Bowler, and MVP of the 2006 Pro Bowl. Believe me, I know back pain and believe me the DRX-9000 is the way to go. It is safe, painless, and it allowed me to get back out on the field.

Herniated Disc in Neck

I could no longer deal with the neck pain, headaches, and numbness in my arm and hand. I did not know where to turn. My family doctor referred me to the Non-Surgical Disc Center and thank God. The team at the Disc Center knew exactly what to do for my problem. Now, I am pain free and I can feel things in my hand again.

Herniated Disc in Back

I could not get relief no matter where I went. The doctors at the Non-Surgical Disc Center were the only doctors to accurately diagnose my problem and offer me a safe, non-surgical solution. I highly recommend the team at the Disc Center and I would trust them with any of my colleagues, family or friends.

Debilitating Hip Pain

My hip pain was preventing me from working. As a registered nurse I know the importance of finding the right doctor. So when my hip pain would not go away I really did my research. It turns out that the top clinic is right here in Closter. Thanks for healing my pain.

Sciatica Complications

When I found out I had Degenerative Disc Disease, I knew I had to make a tough choice. As a teacher and coach I need to set the right example. The Non-Surgical Disc Center got me back in the game, butt and leg pain gone without any drugs or injections.

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